Rapid growth presents challenges in every aspect of doing business. Locating and recruiting high quality employees through a systematic, proven process that meets all the tracking and reporting criteria to deliver the trends and statistical reports required by government and corporate executives is not an easy thing to develop at the same time sales and production are expanding. Interview methods used at startup are added to and expanded ad hoc, record keeping and archiving is less than streamlined and measuring the effectiveness of attempted improvements is difficult to ascertain.

Creek Systems RPO consulting services can be the objective agent that reviews your company’s recruiting processes and works with you to redesign them into a cohesive, time and cost efficient system that incorporates the most current and effective initiatives and software for attracting and signing the most qualified talent for your operations. Employing employee referral programs, automated applicant data processing programs, and training managerial and supervisory personnel in the most effective ways to conduct the five types of interviews necessary for successfully screening candidates can reduce cost and quality of hires as well as compile the figures for the array of reporting required by larger employers.

Additional RPO services offered by Creek Systems:

  • Customized leadership skills training programs
Organizational team building events and retreats
Productivity, profitability and retention metrics reporting
Complete assumption of recruiting, screening, and new hire processing responsibilities

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