Landing several large projects can be an exhilarating accomplishment for your sales team that sends your Human Resources Department into overdrive. In-house recruiting programs are not always able to meet the demand for a high number of specifically qualified workers in the short period of time available to meet the project objectives. Partnering with a globally positioned project recruitment service provider can make the difference in achieving the high level of quality sourcing, screening, interviewing and offer negotiation needed to recruit the workforce needed to man the project. Using Creek System’s proprietary project recruitment methods and candidate database consultants quickly identify the candidates that qualify for the full range of positions that need filled.

Hosting social interactions, providing proposal support, or managing the full recruitment cycle are a sample of the range of elements that can be outsourced to Creek Systems RPO Project Recruiting Services to facilitate meeting your business objectives. There are many phases between full outsourcing and handling project recruitment internally that Creek Systems Project Recruiting Services can seamlessly fill. During times of peak demand and short timelines working outside the box can best be done by those experienced in such operations.

Additional Creek Systems Project Recruiting Services advantages;

  • Executive Candidate Search and Recruitment
Employee Metrics and Reporting
Technology and Systems Implementation and Support
Overall cost is a fraction of a retained or contingency search

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