The opening day of a new organization created as a spin off from the parent corporation, a functioning infrastructure must be in place to retain transitioned employees. The goal of minimizing the disruption felt by employees and customers alike is achieved through having a human resources infrastructure ready to shift into gear quickly and seamlessly. Creek Systems RPO Corporate Spin-Off Services provide such a structure for their clients. Their experience in managing all aspects of human resource management and employee benefits allows them to facilitate a smooth shift to the new entity. Creek Systems expertise in managing the recruitment of additional talent to supplement transitioned staff relieves managers already burdened as change agents, to focus on productivity and attaining goals.

With the use of automated human resources information service software Creek Systems can furnish support for managers and services to individual employees on 401(k) administration, flexible spending accounts, supplemental life and health insurance in addition facilitating the medical coverage change over with medical providers. Your spinoff can enjoy the same efficiency and responsiveness of employee services experienced as part of the larger corporate structure when spin-off services are utilized. The advantages of not having to staff a human resources department include freeing a huge block of resources and time to apply to the multitude of other details involved in creating a spinoff entity.

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