When a Creek Systems contract recruiter is provided, an experienced individual or team can be dedicated to creating and implementing specific hiring strategies that reflect the company’s unique structure. When the need is present for a bank of qualified candidates that can fill more than one set of job requirements, hiring a contract recruiting officer can save a great deal of money and deliver exceptional results. The savings begin with the fact that you only pay for a contract recruiter during the business cycles where their expertise is needed. This reduces the overall cost of hire significantly.

With the primary goal being customer satisfaction. Creek Systems only hires people with the industry knowledge and practical experience to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. Contract recruiters lay the foundation for technical and management teams that will be valuable assets to the company far into the future. They identify and recruit candidates with the essential critical thinking, field expertise and forecasting skills specifically needed in your industry. Contract recruiters can work with your existing staff to fine tune existing recruiting, hiring and retention processes to create an effective and efficient corporate program or work independently to fill your specific workforce requirements when needed.

Benefits of using a Contract Recruiter:

  • Recruiting tactics are customized specifically to your organization
Contract recruiter teams or individuals can be supplied on short notice
Turnover impact and cost-per-hires dramatically reduced
Overall cost is a fraction of a retained or contingency search

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