Expansion of an organization via a company acquisition or merger can be an exciting time in any business’ life cycle. It can also be a time of high stress and frustration for the transition team. As a component of the due diligence process, many aspects of the entity being acquired must be reviewed. Often, one area that is overlooked is the liability and risk associated with the successor employer mandates, such as those required under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income and Security Act of 1974). Fortunately, Creek Systems can provide the level of HR expertise required to assess this type of liability and assist in mitigating risk and exposure.

Our team of HR experts is also available to provide objective, third-party analysis for the unification and consolidation of staff and departments through the acquisition transition process. A thorough, objective analysis of job requirements and staff skill sets, as well as the ability of newly acquired personnel to adapt to cultural changes in the workplace, can often make the difference between a successful, smooth transition, versus a time of turmoil. The careful review of available talent is even more critical during an asset acquisition or purchase where the workforce as a whole is not transitioning to the purchasing corporation. Creek Systems talented team can assist organizations, both large and small, with developing the strategy and providing SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) as it pertains to the transitioning workforce. An independent review provides an unbiased solution for analyzing workforce requirements and non-discriminatory placements.

Creek Systems’ Company Acquisition Team can offer your transition team:

  • Complete HR Risk Assessment
Complete HR Risk Assessment
Successor Employer Due Diligence Review
Workforce SWOT Analysis

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