Expanding the talent pool for CEOs and directors is imperative. Recruiting qualified individuals and training them to serve in this new environment requires insight, creativity and finesse. Creek Systems meets this challenge with our CEO & Board Services practice. This is a dedicated team from the most senior ranks of the firm. Their work is with CEOs and in the board room, and their expertise is organizational leadership and governance. They conduct hundreds of director engagements every year, tapping talent from every corner of the globe. This work spans all ranges of organizational scale and purpose.

Each CEO search consultant offers specific industry and functional expertise and is a member of those corresponding practice teams. After determining a client’s needs, our CEO recruiting consultants often team with colleagues who bring additional specific market knowledge and expertise critical for that search. When coupled with Creek Systems’ global reach, this collaboration generates enormous horsepower for CEO & Board Services solutions. It fosters creativity and diverse ideas and access to the information that uncovers excellent candidates.

Our executive recruitment offering is comprised
of leading professionals from around the world
who apply their market knowledge and insider’s
perspective to clients, demonstrating an innate,
intuitive understanding of their needs inside and
out. It is an ability that can be gained only from
practice and deep experience, and it allows
Creek Systems to place executives with the ideal
background, attitude and approach in the most
timely and effective manner. This is the Art of Talent.


Our approach to evaluating top talent is by seamlessly integrating scientific research with our vast practical experience.

Executive Search

Providing a more complete view of the candidate
than is otherwise possible, our proprietary tools are
statistically proven to generate better results in
identifying the right person for the position. Our
executive recruitment methodology includes:

• Using a competency-based framework that
provides a clear and common language to
help clients identify desired skills and behaviors.

• Administering our behavioral mapping tool
– Search Assessment – to prospective
candidates, providing clients with insights into how they will lead, how they will approach and solve complex problems, what their emotional profile is likely to be and what motivates them to succeed.

• Comparing candidates’ assessment results
against our statistically validated indicators of success, which are customized to reflect the specific requirements of a client’s organizational culture or position, and illustrate how closely each candidate fits the critical parameters of the position.

At Creek Systems, our combined mastery of the art
of search and science-based methodologies
leads to superior hiring decisions.

It is our ability to help plan senior leadership models, combined with tools that minimize many of the “unknown” factors in selecting individuals and our depth of resources, that results in the majority of our clients retaining us many times over for leadership engagements.

Creek Systems has long believed in the importance of including qualified individuals of different backgrounds among the candidates proposed for client engagements, and diverse candidates play an important role in the vast majority of our searches. Key assets in achieving these results include the Creek Systems consultants who comprise our diversity practice areas.

Should you be hiring the chief executive, filling public, private or non-profit board vacancies or building a board for a public company spin-off or emerging growth company about to go public, Creek Systems will deliver the best talent available.

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