Enterprise Application Consulting

Creek Systems Enterprise Application team is designed to partner with our clients to address many business critical issues and objectives. Creek Systems Consultants know how to use state-of-the-art technologies to provide targeted, world-class integration solutions that address your unique business needs.

The Need

Are you getting the most out of your Web and core business-system implementations? Are these applications connected throughout your organization? Do you question whether or not the integration between your applications is able to support your changing business process needs? Do your business associates have access to accurate, relevant, and timely information for critical decision-making?

With ever-increasing pressure to be as efficient as possible, Enterprise Application Integration is becoming vital to organizations of every size. EAI is used to interconnect existing information systems, prior technology investments, and business partner’s systems and data. As enterprises grow and recognize the need for their information to be shared between systems, companies are investing in EAI to streamline processes and keep disparate elements of the enterprise interconnected


• Project Management
• Upgrades
• Software Development
• Technical Consulting
• Application Support
• Training
• Implementation
• Application Integration
• Remote Database Administration (Remote DBA)
• Application Consulting
• Business Process Design/Re-Engineering
• Remote DBA Service



Phase 1 - Planning

Project team will be assembled and the project scope defined and agreed. During this phase of the project, the areas for business process improvement will be targeted, "Gaps" identified and an initial project plan created.

Phase 2 - Design

Based on the targeted business process improvements, the project team will develop the business operating model. During this phase, the test environment will be established and the project team will receive education/training so they can actively participate in the design of the new business systems. Once a model has been agreed upon and designed, the project team will run the model through business simulations or "proof of concept" to validate the system design.

Phase 3 - Execution

During the execution phase existing data is cleansed or scrubbed, custom programs and interfaces are developed and the project enters the CRP (Conference Room Pilot) cycle. The Conference Room Pilot is where all of the proposed business processes and new technology are proven in a simulated real world environment. It is during this stage that the project team determines if the system, as designed, will run the business and meet the objectives. Once the business systems have been approved, end users will receive training and a final pilot is run to ensure all levels of the organization approve, fully understand, and buy into the new system.

Phase 4 - Launch

This is where the approved business systems are launched across the business. During this phase of the project, final data conversions are executed and the project team prepares users for launch. Go-live is preceded by a "quiet period" or a week of zero system changes. During this time, master data and quality assurance audits are executed and analyzed. Go-live support plans are published and the project team executes the go-live cutover and official move to the new business systems.



Creek Systems EAI solutions are implemented using a framework that enables your organization to integrate and extend your business applications across and beyond the enterprise. Our solutions address specific business challenges such as:

• Finding cost savings by integrating business applications and processes with flexible and scalable long-term solutions
• Maximizing the return-on-investment from your Web site and core business system implementations by creating tight inter-application integration
• Having real-time access to more accurate and timely business data to make better decisions, reduce cycle times and increase operational efficiencies
• Selecting the right technical architectures and vendor products to maximize efficiencies and compliment your existing and future state enterprise architecture
• Creating integration between co-existing business units as well as for the assimilation of mergers and acquisitions
• Linking to and collaborating with a variety of customers and partners with different needs or standards directly or through market exchanges

Our Experience

Creek Systems EAI team continues to deliver solutions across a wide range of industries and functional areas. Our solutions are aided by our strong partnerships with leading industry vendors. As a result, our consultants are well versed in the latest trends, tools and technologies best suited for your particular business and technical challenges.

The Creek Systems Advantage

Creek Systems focus is on delivering solutions that will be effective in your unique environment. Our experience and vendor neutral position allows us to choose the best mix of technologies for your particular environment.

Your organization has invested significant time, effort, and financial resources into the applications and information systems that run your business. Creek Systems EAI solutions are designed to maximize these investments by identifying and simplifying the processes that will provide secure and timely access to your company’s information assets—giving your organization a strong competitive advantage.